“The future belongs to the curious.”

“Learning is magical. We’re all born with curiosity.”

“Passion should dictate learning, not institutions.”

“Education is what some one tells you to do. Learning is what you do for yourself.”

“Take the steps you need to get where you want to be: “Know where you’re going. Put your stake in the ground.”

“Do you really want to sell sugar water for he rest of your life?” – Steve Jobs. Find your passion.

Michael Karnjanaprakorn :: CEO & co-founder, Skillshare


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Shit People Say

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Courtesy of Mark Fenske:

1. Luck. Make your own luck. Be engaged.

2. Be where the people I want to be are

3. Pay attention to the smallest considerations

4. Show up the next day

5. Bypass the guards

6. It’s personal. Having a job is personal.

7. The fancy guys aren’t fancy.

8. Hold the person to a promise.

9. Make the promise something that person has to do for you.

10. How far can charm take me?

“We need to get back to doing things and making things. Planning today is about getting excited.”

“Making is the new thinking.”

“If 10% of a population is committed to an idea, inevitably it will become the prevailing opinion of the entire group.”

“The industry still needs thinkers, not just doers/makers.”

“Unplug – emailing, surfing, texting, social media-ing is doing, not thinking.”

“Thinking is doing. Equal parts of thought and execution is how we connect and solve problems. Hustle For it.”

Alan Snitow :: Director of Strategy, Gotham Inc.


“What Madonna does better than anyone else, is read popular culture.”

“Creativity is about seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought” Dr. Albert Von Szent-Gyorgy 

“We’ll drive brand love if we can make people love each other more.”

“Creativity creates new capabilities.”

“Creativity is the responsibility of everyone in an organization, not just the creatives.”

Jonathan Mildenhall :: Vice President, Global Creative at The Coca-Cola Company

“The most important job in advertising is Client Service .”

“You need to empathize with the client’s problem because it’s not about keeping your job, it’s about keeping theirs.”

“The sell doesn’t stop after you present to the client, your client then has to sell it for you to their bosses.”

“Cash for great work doesn’t happen without client trust.”

“Knowing your clients challenges and objectives is how you build trust with them.”

Stan Chin :: Creative Director, Anomaly NYC


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